Collection: BE WICKED

 BeWicked debuted in 2010, backed by a powerhouse sales team and a roster of skilled designers, rapidly ascending to the forefront as a premier fashion lingerie, shapewear, accessories, and sleepwear designer and manufacturer. Our commitment is to provide partners and clients with forward-thinking, quality products that offer exceptional value. The BeWicked brand has gained international acclaim for its embodiment of fashion, femininity, and exhilaration. We diligently attend to every detail, ensuring a fusion of high quality with affordability, making it the ultimate value proposition.

In addition to redefining value, we are revolutionizing the concept of sexy lingerie. Our design, manufacturing, and distribution encompass an array of styles catering to all body types and sizes, challenging the norms and setting new standards in the industry. BeWicked introduces seasonal collections in intimates, fashion bras, panties, and shapewear that cater to diverse body shapes and sizes, while ensuring customers stay in sync with the latest trends. Through private label collaborations, we extend our innovative designs, quality materials, and unmatched value, ensuring a transformative experience with each engagement.

Our products consistently fly off the shelves, validating our business model, and aiding our customers in expanding their own enterprises. As our customer base grows, and our brand recognition flourishes, we remain committed to reaching new retail locations and stores, actively seeking opportunities to empower others to achieve similar success.