Collection: CAPELLA

 Capella Apparel, founded in 2004 and based in Los Angeles, has a remarkable journey from a startup wholesale company to a global design and manufacturing powerhouse by 2014, driven by our innovative direction. Our expansion encompasses a wide array of styles, ranging from casual and loungewear to modern, resort, and everyday chic, giving you versatile mix-and-match options for any occasion. Our commitment to our customers and our staff creates a positive work environment that aligns with our vision.

Operating as a manufacturer and direct importer in China and Vietnam, we have perfected the art of producing affordable women's clothing without compromising on quality. Our diverse categories, extensive color choices, and inclusion of Plus size options reflect our dedication to catering to diverse needs. Our mission is to breathe life into outstanding designs, crafting quality clothing that our end customers can embrace and flaunt at an incredible value.

The affordability of our products allows our wholesale partners to enjoy enhanced profit margins, enabling them to deliver superior service and choices to their buyers. Our Junior/Young Contemporary collection stands out with its blend of essentials, comfort, trendy elements, and a touch of allure, making a sustainable fashion statement that elevates your collection.